Party Environment Policies


Political Parties Environment and Associated Policies

Policies developed by Political Parties for the 2014 election of relevance to the environment and associated areas.  This list will be added to as parties release new policies during the election campaign.  In alphabetical order of the parties:

ACT Party

Conservative Party

No environment related policy - see Principles

Green Party

Internet - Mana Party

Combined policies

Labour Party

  1. Water

  2. Kauri dieback

  3. Conservation

  1. Auckland City Rail loop

  2. Christchurch rail

Maori Party

National Party

NZ First Party

United Future Party

  1. Pest Control

  2. Practical Access to Public Land

  3. Freshwater Policy

  4. Marine Recreational Fishing

  5. Commerical Fishing

  6. Heli-Hunting

Note: All these links lead to political party websites.  ECO has no responsibility for the information contained on these sites.

Also the Ask Away website which is asking parties election questions asked by young people include several environmental questions  ( ).

Generation Zero has put together this comparison of parties climate change policy.