Cath Wallace

Vice-Chair Cath Wallace Cath Wallace has a long-standing interest and passion in how to get better outcomes for the environment, and in designing and implementing policy for this. Understanding the social and economic drivers for behaviour and systems that damage the environment is a core concern. She has combined an academic career in public economics and policy specialising in environmental policy and economics, with extensive environmental campaigning on a wide range of issues from protecting terrestrial, wetlands and marine environments, Antarctic and mining issues, and the need to maintain open government and opportunities for public input. A practical understanding derived from growing up in the agricultural world in a family committed to conservation, and living on family land which is both farm and conservation block informs her understanding of the on-the-ground issues of water and wetlands, biodiversity and biosecurity, with awareness of some of the rural norms and attitudes. She has served extensively on the Executive of ECO and as Co-Chair worked with others to keep ECO true to its values, goals and objectives and to maintain communications with the ECO Membership.