ECOlink is ECO's quarterly newsletter. ECOlink is sent out to the 'Friends of ECO' and ECO members.

ECOLink covers a wide range of environmental issues of concern to ECO and its members.

The Nov - Dec 2015 issue is here.

This issue covers the Resource Legislation Amendment Bill, new coal mine at Mokau, Emissions Trading Scheme review, bees, COP21, fossil fuel subsidies, Antarctic marine protection, Wangapeka track

 The Sept-Oct 2015 issue is here

Recent issues include articles on climate change, mining and urban trees.

The May-June 2015 issue
This issues covers: Climate Consultation - targets for Paris; ECO Conference - Freshwater; ECO Update; Shell BP Todd Maui Wells passed "best by date"; Fracking - the personnel experience; Water and Health concerns of fracking; Environment Minister's budget allocation - trimmed; Environmental Reporting Bill; Puriri Dieback spreading; What's on your plate, pet or things you use? Roundup; Antarctic Environmental Research; RMA changes still brewing; In the hills - NZ Indigenous Conifers; New Polar Code rules will not protect Antarctic waters; Antarctic Matters.

The Feb-March 2015 issue
This issue covers: Auckland Kauri tree threat product of changes to the RMA; EPA turns down Chatham Rosk Phosphate; Karangahake Mine Update; Antarctic toothfish pirate fishing - countries are closing in; Agreement on jack mackerel and IUU vessels; Climate Change Special: Long way for NZ to catch up on climate protection; Climate negotiations - from Lima to Paris - what's NZ hiding? New Zealand, the farce follower; Jobs After Coal - A just transition for NZ Communities; EEZ Maui Gas Bill; Impactsof oil and gas in Taranaki; Setting NZ's Post-2020 GHG Reduction Target(s).

The December 2014 issue
This issue covers: ECO Regional Gathering in Taranaki; One Bike,One Year; Law responsibility and Governance; NZ's disappearing kelp forests; Engineers for Social Responsbility; IUCN World congress on Protected Areas; Sea level rise to have a large impact; Heads in Sand - Kiwis Sea Strong Message to our Climate Negotiators; Freshwater Management - Implementation of the NPS of Freshwater Management; Beware of Streamlining of the RMA; the Principles of the RMA 1991.

Oct-Nov 2014 issue

This issue covers: mining in the Karangahake Gorge; Southern Ocean marine protection; climate change and SIDS, Food Matters Aotearoa Conference, a report on the ECO August annual conference, an article on puriri dieback, reports from some of our member groups, and more.

May-July 2014 issue

issue covered information on: Preview of the 2014 ECO Conference;  appointment of a new Executive Officer; National Policy on Water; Iron Sands and Chatham Rise mega mines; World Parks Congress; Jobs after Coal - time to plan for the future; Impacts of Systemic Pesticides on bees and birds; Important Court Decision keeps NZ GE-Free; Antarctic Treaty Meeting has renewed focus; Resource Management Protections at Risk; Environmental Effects of Plantation Forestry; National Lets the loggers into Conservation Land; Sliding Antarctic Ice, climate change, 2oC; Obituaries - Colin Benson, Ken Piddington and Eric Bennett; PCE Fracking Report; Global Oceans Commissions Recommendations; and ECO Digital Tools Project.


Resource Management Changes; Fossil Fuel Subsidies; Go Fossil Free; Milford-Dart tunnel and Fiordland monorail; Russia blocks Antarctic marine protection; Ending the surveillance state; Radical Action Grants; Kauri dieback; A Human Right to a Healthy Environment; Help us steer away from disaster; Mining in Northland; GE Crops fail to deliver food to the hungry; Kiwis Against Seabed Mining; Happy Valley Coal Mine update

MAY 2013  - contents:

RMA and the Business Growth Agenda; Environmental Action and the RMA; The environment will lose under TPP; Schedule 4 conservation land at risk; PM urged to protect Ross Sea; Marine reserve protection advances; South Pacific fisheries
NZ Shark Alliance; Climate Change - NZ trends; Solid Energy; Closing the Open Society
Van Diemen’s Land; West Coast Blue Penguin Trust; Sustainable Otautahi - Christchurch
Department of Conservation funding cuts; IUCN Oceania resources; Greenpeace - Clean Economy Report; Update on Old Ghost Road cycleway

DECEMBER 2012 - contents:

Crown Minerals Bill; Greenpeace wins case; CCAMLR stalls on Ross Sea; Australia leaps ahead of NZ; New Plymouth DC destroying habitat; Conservation alive and well; Developments at Ghost Road; Sustainable Whanganui Trust; Bay of Islands - Opua Reserve; DOHA Climate Change negotiations; Books and Resources; Upcoming Events and Projects

OCTOBER 2012 - contents:

Ross Sea; Losing ice to climate change; Maui Dolphins; Waitangi Tribunal; Legislation before parliament; Avon River Park; The Value of Water: Asset Sales; Rio+20 and what happens next; Who are negotiators for the planet?; ECO Conference Review;
The Last Ocean - film review.

JUNE 2012 - contents:

ECO Conference 2012; Constitutional Review; Longfin Eels; EEZ and the Continental Shelf Bill; Maui and Hectors Dolphins; Emissions Trading Scheme; Plantation Forestry Standards and Impacts; Anti-Frackers - Alarmists or Alarmed?; A Rocha: Christians in Conservation; Regional Coastal Plans; NZ Inventory of Biodiversity.

MARCH 2012  - Content:

Minerals, Oil and Gas Agenda; ECO Conference 2012; Quota Management System;    
Antarctic Ocean Alliance; Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust: profile; Book reviews           
Trans-Pacific Partnership.



Election Implications; Summer Festival notice; Hydraulic Fracturing; CERA Recovery Strategy for Christchurch; Resource Management Act; 350 Aotearoa - Climate Solutions;
Aarhus Convention; Book review: Hook, Line and Blinkers; Global Meetings in 2012  
Durban Climate Talks.



Election Issues   
ECO Annual Conference 2011  
NZ Coastal Policy   
Marine Environment Bill  
Taharua and Upper Mohaka Catchment
Incorporated Societies Law Reform 
Denniston Coal Mine Proposal  
Generation Zero   
Cuts at Department of Conservation 
NZ faces e-waste crisis  
Eradicating Ecocide   
Energy Policy    
NZ Native Trees - book review  

June 2011


ECO Conference 2011
Government Budget has no new direction
Rebuilding a more sustainable Christchurch
Introducing ECO Working Groups
National Rules on Plantation Forestry Agreed
Pollution or healthcare and conservation?
Government should stop deep sea oil drilling
Ross Sea short film competition
Conservation needs 1080: PCE Report
Tropical timber
Progress needed on climate change

MARCH 2011

Proposed Policy Statement on Biodiversity 
Lignite and the Climate  
Feeble Gas Emissions Reduction Target
Emissions Trading Scheme Review 
New ECO website design  
Ministers Centralise Power  
Mokihinui Update   
Christchurch and the RMA  
Ross Sea    
IUCN-CEC Communications Workshops

December 2010

New NES for Plantation Forestry
Aquaculture Legislation  
Land and Water Forum Report  
Biodiversity Strategic Plan 
Environmental Protection Authority Bill
Coastal Policy Statement  
UK to Measure National Happiness
Pike River Coal 
International Year of the Forests
Antarctic Meeting  


September 2010

Minerals and conservation areas 
Crown Minerals Act review 
Oil exploration off New Zealand shores 
Fifth National Communication Review
National Standards on Plantation Forestry 
Biodiversity National Policy Statement 
Aquaculture changes   
IUCN-CESSP Conference 
ECO Conference report
ECO Executive Committee


June 2010

ECO Conference
Budget 2010
Mining proposals
Environment Canterbury
Vehicles on beaches
Public participation cuts
Recycling e-Waste
Member Group Stories  
10:10 New Zealand   

 March 2010


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