Become A Member

Membership is by application to the ECO Executive for groups which are:

  • committed wholly or partly to work in various aspects of environment and conservation; and

  • whose aims and policy are in sympathy with those of ECO.

Subscriptions for member organisations are determined by the size of the organisation:

  • Student Organisation: $35 p.a.

  • 1-100 members: $60 p.a.

  • 101-1000 members: $120 p.a.

  • 1001-4999 members: $400 p.a.

  • 5000+ members: $1,000 p.a. (all GST inclusive)

Information on how to apply and what documents you need to send us can be found here (PDF).

ECO is a registered charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005. Registration no CC41565.

ECO GST No is 0296-11327.

Application form here (PDF) or make an initial enquiry below for your Member Group either email ECO ( or send to the below address:

Post cheques and/or correspondence to:
ECO Inc:
PO Box 11-057
New Zealand


Name of Organisation*
Phone contact*
Postal address*
Your interests and expertise*
Organisation Size*

Make sure you answer all questions with an * and then press Submit Form

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