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There are a number of ways you can support ECO. One of the most important of which is by getting behind the issues we are working on. Efforts by individuals raising their concerns with MPs, through letters to newspaper editors, by ringing talkback radio, writing submissions are vitally important to improving the way the environment is treated. Even making other people aware of issues is important. Take a look at the ECO News page to see some of the issues we are working on.

We need support to enable us to remain independently funded and autonomous – we are a non-profit organisation and we rely on our supporters to contribute funds to cover our running costs. ECO’s campaigns are run by committed unpaid workers with decades of collective experience and in-depth knowledge of the issues. See below to find out you can financially support ECO. As well as financial support ECO needs professional services and goods, information on issues in your area, publicity and volunteer workers.

By becoming a ‘Friend of ECO’ you will:

  • Help ensure that there is a strong New Zealand advocate for the environment;
  • Receive up-to-date information so you can participate in protecting the environment, including ECO’s quarterly newsletter ECOlink;
  • Receive invitations to conferences and seminars;
  • Enable ECO to develop and realise its long-term environmental goals.

If you wish to pay by cheque (address below) or direct banking

Kiwibank: 38 9016 0185477 00

You are invited to support ECO in any of the following ways:

As a Friend - apply on-line here
Subscribing as a Friend of ECO$45 p.a.
Subscribing as a Sustaining Friend of ECO$120 p.a.
Subscribing as a Corporate Friend of ECO$500 p.a.
Subscribing as a Unwaged Friend of ECO$25 p.a.

Auto-donor - you can also support ECO by making a regular automatic payment (online banking 38 9016 0185477 00)

Automatic Payment Form (PDF)
Contribute professional services or goods.Contact ECO
Become a volunteer in the ECO officeContact ECO
Make a donation (donations over $5 are tax deductible)

ECO is a registered charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005.
Registration no CC41565

ECO GST No is 0296-11327

Becoming a member of ECO. Membership is by application for groups involved in the protection of the environment. Subscription rates for member organisations are determined by the size of the organisation. Groups wishing to be members need to fill out the application form and supply the information required for the Executive Committee to approve the membership.

Information on how to apply can be found here (PDF).

Application form here (PDF)

Post cheques and correspondence to ECO Inc:

PO Box 11-057
New Zealand



 Membership rates:

Student Organisation: $35 p.a.

1-100 members: $60 p.a.

101-1000 members: $120 p.a.

1001-4999 members: $400 p.a.

5000+ members: $1,000 p.a. (all GST inclusive)

Contact us to receive a free copy of our latest newsletter.

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