Upcoming Submissions

Upcoming submissions on a wide range of environment and conservation issues including:

  • Parliamentary legislation,

  • Select Committee enquiries,

  • Conservation Plans and Strategies,

  • National Policy Statements and Environmental Standards,

  • Maritime Rules,

  • and others etc.


Water Conservation Order over Waikoropupu Springs: closes 28 Feb 2018

The Te Waikoropupu Water Conservation Order Tribunal are accepting submissions from the public before they make their decision about the Springs. We are encouraging supporters who wish to protect the Springs to write to the tribunal as soon as possible. Submissions close at 4pm on February the 28th!

This is your chance to have your say! Submissions don't have to be super technical (if that's not your thing). The values of the heart are also important. They are part of what the submission form calls 'evidence.'

Online Submissions can be made at:


Say why you think the Springs are ‘outstanding', why you value them, and why you want them recognised and protected – e.g. the clarity of the water and how different Te Waikoropupu is from other Springs.

Mangrove Bill: submissions close 23 February 2018

ECO has prepared a draft submission on the totally unsuitable and obnoxious Thames Coromandel and Hauraki District Councils Mangrove Management Planning Bill and is available by request from eco@eco.org.nz 

The Bill was introduced to the House last year, and opposed only by Green Party MPs on its first reading, although concerns were expressed by other MPs.

 The Bill is dreadful in that it seeks to override virtually all other laws including the Resource Management Act and its Policy Statements and Plans; the Conservation and the Reserves Act and any other Act that already exists.  Its focus is the destruction of mangroves and there is no provision in the Bill for any consideration in Council mangrove plans of the positive aspects of mangroves for biodiversity, sucking up greenhouse gases, habitat and silt control. We think the Bill should be withdrawn. We urge that others make submissions and you are welcome to look at our draft.



Regional Councils etc





Below is a list of the agencies and links to upcoming consultations

Parliamentary legislation


The latest business before the Local Government and Environment Select Committee can be found here.

How to make a submission to a Select Committee.

Government agencies - current consultations

Environmental Protection Authority




Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Department of Conservation - including Conservation Management Strategies

Kiwi Recovery Plan

The national Kiwi Recovery Plan is the all-encompassing strategy that provides clear guidance to DOC and kiwi conservation partners about the priority work required to achieve the recovery of kiwi species. A national strategic plan is a critical part of ensuring the work that is spread across many partners, five species and throughout the country is coordinated to work towards shared goals of kiwi recovery.

The Kiwi Recovery Group has led the development of a new kiwi recovery plan using a thorough approach that has been broadly inclusive of DOC staff, kiwi specialists, Treaty partners, and conservation partners.

The proposed plan is now available for public consultation. All submissions received will be subject to the following next steps:

  1. Collation and analysis of submission issues and themes*.

  2. Preparation of a summary of submissions.

  3. Revision of the draft plan by the Kiwi Recovery Group and DOC to reflect accepted submission requests.

  4. Referral of the revised plan to DOC's Deputy Director General of Science and Policy for consideration and approval.

  5. Preparation and provision for responses to submissions.

  6. Implementation of the plan by DOC and contributing kiwi conservation partners and stakeholders.

*We are looking for feedback primarily about the content, themes, goals, objectives and actions of the plan. This draft will be subject to a comprehensive copy edit prior to publication to address any grammatical errors.

DEADLINE IS 27 January 2017.

Ministry for Primary Industries - Fisheries

Ministry for Primary Industries - including Agriculture and Forestry

Ministry for the Environment

How to have your say on a consultation


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