Upcoming Submissions

Upcoming submissions on a wide range of environment and conservation issues including:

  • Parliamentary legislation,

  • Select Committee enquiries,

  • Conservation Plans and Strategies,

  • National Policy Statements and Environmental Standards,

  • Maritime Rules,

  • and others etc.


Environmental Legislation

The Wildlife Powers Amendment Bill is up for submissions.

A new Bill that would give certain Department of Conservation (DOC) rangers greater powers to protect some of New Zealand’s most endangered wildlife is being considered by a Parliamentary select committee.

The intention of granting rangers these new powers would be to reduce the taking, catching, killing, and smuggling of kereru, weka, endangered geckos, and other threatened wildlife.

Public submissions on this new Bill are now called for. Submissions closed 12 May and submissions have just been heard by the Select Committee. Go here to find out more.

Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary Bill submissions now open - closed 28 April

Go to this link to find out more and to make a submission

Incorporated Societies legislation 2016

The present legislation is over 100 years old and needs updating to reflect new realities.

Hui e!, the network of community organisations in New Zealand, is currently running a series of consultative workshops around New Zealand which are free to attend.

If you are unable to to get to the presentation you can download a copy of it from the Hui e! website. Ministry of Business and Innovation is calling for submissions on the proposed legislation and you can read more on their website.

Submissions closed 30 June. Under the proposed new law societies will have the same reporting requirements as charities and may need to update their constitutions. The Hui E! presentation referred to above also contains their own critique of the Bill which is worth a read if you are involved in the running of an Incorporated Society.

Emissions Trading scheme review

Feedback is open on matters other than priority areas closed 30 April, via the Ministry for the Environment website.



Regional Councils etc





Below is a list of the agencies and links to upcoming consultations

Parliamentary legislation

There are several important Bills before Parliament with upcoming submissions

The latest business before the Local Government and Environment Select Committee can be found here.

How to make a submission to a Select Committee.

Government agencies - current consultations

Department of Conservation - including Conservation Management Strategies

Ministry for Primary Industries - Fisheries

Ministry for Primary Industries - including Agriculture and Forestry

Ministry for the Environment

How to have your say on a consultation


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