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11, Oct, 2013

Proposed variation to the West Coast North Island Marine Mammal Sanctuary

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A summary of ECO's submission on this proposal:

ECO strongly supports the proposal to proposed varation in the North Island Marine Mammal Sanctuary including to prohibit commercial and recreational set net fishing between two and seven nautical miles offshore between Pariokariwa Point and the Waiwhakaiho River, Taranaki. 

ECO considers this proposal to be insufficient to protect Maui’s dolphin from the impacts of fishing and mineral activity on the coast.

A precautionary approach should be applied when determining the area to be protected, especially given that this is a critically endangered species with a low population size and the outcome of last year’s risk assessment.  This means that any areas where Maui’s dolphin has been seen or is known to be past dolphin habitat must be protected from any anthrpogenic threats including fishing and mineral activity.

More details on the proposal on the Department of Conservation website.

The full submission is attached below.

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