22, Sep, 2011

Special Appeal: Championing the Public Voice for the Environment

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ECO Special Appeal 2011

ECO’s championing of the public voice for the environment is vital today as the need for it becomes ever more pressing.  Recently there have been legislative changes limiting the public voice, particularly in the Resource Management Act.  Our work pressing for a public say on minerals activities on conservation land and in relation to oil and gas is looking likely to see some improvements as the amount of public involvement is to be increased.

ECO needs your help to maintain our work for an open society, open information and the public’s right to be involved in decision-making on all aspects of the environment, whether at sea, on the conservation estate, or in relation to water or climate change.  We need your help to continue this work, and we need it urgently.

ECO is re-vamping our website to provide a members’ forum and to allow us to put much more information in front of the public.  This is all part of our work to champion the public voice for the environment including greater access to information, public processes in the RMA, and in oceans and fisheries, and for conservation. ECO is producing a public guide to the implementation of the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement, thanks to the work of Executive member Shane Orchard, and others.

ECO is working with member groups, including Greenpeace and smaller groups, and with various iwi and community groups to redirect New Zealand’s economy away from dependence on fossil fuels. 

For climate and other reasons we want to “leave the coal in the hole”, assist communities facing fossil fuel interests and network groups working on other mining issues, including the effects on the community and the environment

Our economic strategy suggestions for solutions need to be given more voice, and we are still working for biodiversity protection in New Zealand.

Our marine conservation work has a particular effort planned for marine reserves around Antarctica in the Southern Ocean, especially the Ross Sea. We are in urgent need of extra funds to further this effort. 

Quite a number of our usual subscribers are feeling the pinch of the economic downturn.  If you can, we need your help, so we can make our voice heard and we can continue to champion the voice of the public.

Please think about giving a regular contribution by automatic payment or making a generous donation to help us do our work to champion the public voice for the environment.

By supporting this appeal you will enable us to:

  • Provide information and advice for others to speak out
  • Promote protection of New Zealand’s conservation areas and marine environment
  • Be engaged in decision making
Use the form in the appeal letter attached to send us your contribution to our work.

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