23, Aug, 2005

National all wrong again on climate tax cut

Category: Greenpeace NZ

Greenpeace today condemned National’s plan to axe the carbon tax as part of their tax package announced yesterday.

“National is cynically trying to buy votes by promising to axe the carbon tax if they’re elected. But they have completely ignored the costs that all New Zealanders will have to bear from climate change with increased droughts, floods, sea level rise and new pests and diseases,” said Greenpeace climate campaigner Vanessa Atkinson.

“Proposing to axe the carbon tax is a step backwards when the world’s climate scientists say that we urgently need deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions of 60-80% by the middle of this century if we are to avoid catastrophic levels of climate change.”

“The carbon tax is a small but important first step as part of a responsible response to the biggest threat the world faces – climate change. Yet National is prepared to gamble with every New Zealander’s future by proposing to ditch the tax and pull out of the Kyoto Protocol, which is the only legally binding agreement on climate change.”

“National’s short-sighted policies on energy and the climate would put our country and our economy at risk,” concluded Ms Atkinson.

The scientific community and governments around the globe agree; climate change is happening now, it is caused by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas for energy and we need deep cuts in our greenhouse emissions if we are to avoid climate disaster.