The Last Ocean - documentary


Ross Sea - John WellerPhoto: John Weller

Upcoming Showings of the “The Last Ocean” documentary during the New Zealand Film Festival started in August.

“A spectacular environmental documentary by Peter Young, one of New Zealand’s leading nature cinematographers."

If you want to find out more about the debate on protection of the Ross Sea then this film is a must see.


Official Trailer for the movie can be found on youtube

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There are additional clips on you tube:

Information on the film festival site.

Reviews and comments

An number of reviews as the film moves around the Film Festival Circuit:

Greenpeace Film Review of Last Ocean

Otago Daily Times - Highlighting plight of "Last Ocean"

TVNZ Sunday - 15 Minute Story on the Last Ocan

Radio NZ - interview with Stuart Prior on the Ross Sea Fishery

Radio Live Interview - Call to Stop Fishing for Toothfish in the Ross Sea

TV3 New Story on Growing Calls to Protect Ross Sea

Current notified showings





Thursday 23 August – 8.30 pm – Hoyts Northland

Friday 24 August – 1.30pm – Hoyts Northland

Saturday 25 August – 6.30pm – Hoyts Northland

Sunday 26 August – 11.45 am – Hoyts Northland


Saturday September 08 - 4:15pm - Lido Cinema - Venue Sales Only

Sunday September 09 - 6:30pm - Lido Cinema - Venue Sales Only

Regional showings

There are regional film festivals but the dates of showings are yet to be publicised.  The full list of festival times are listed below.  ECO wil update the lists as the dates and times for showings are confirmed.  For more information see Last Ocean