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The Seagull Centre Trust is a Community Charitable Trust that runs a recycle/used goods shop adjacent to the Thames Transfer Station with both paid and volunteer staff.

 We need someone to take on a new part-time role of Business Manager. Those part time hours could well grow next year as we develop a new project.


This is a position for someone with proven management, administration, analytical, reporting and strategic skills who is up to the challenge of working within a growing community organisation.

 Familiarity with systems analysis and HR and other regulatory frameworks are essential attributes.


You will be working alongside the Centre’s Operations Manager and administration staff. You will be reporting to the Trustees and need to attend a monthly evening Trust meeting.


Applications with CV and other relevant info by the 27th July 2015 to Seagull Centre Trust, PO Box 396, Thames. Contact: cmonds@ihug.co.nz