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In New Zealand, all residents and citizens have a democratic right to have their say on Government policy and law changes. If you are concerned about an issue, you can a make a submission and let them know your views. After the submission deadline, the Government will consider changes to its plans based on all feedback received. Sometimes, they will hold a hearing, and you can request to be heard at a hearing regarding your submission.

How to make a submission to a select committee

When making submission to a Select Committee be clear on what changes you think should be made - what should be deleted or re-written. Don't forget to say what you support in the Bill or proposal.

But say what you feel comfortable staying and just stick to your key points.

How to make a submission on a proposed plan or plan change

Submissions on Consultations

Current consultations can be found on these websites:

Department of Conservation - including Conservation Management Strategies

Ministry for Primary Industries - Fisheries

Ministry for Primary Industries - including Agriculture and Forestry

Ministry for the Environment (not currently consulting)

MAF Biosecurity


Writing a letter to politicians and councils

You can also write to an MP to express your concern on a particular issue:

Here is a list of MPs: http://www.parliament.nz/en-NZ/MPP/MPs/MPs/


Keep it brief and outline your main point or issue at the beginning.

If it is about a specific piece of legislation (an Act) or a proposed law (a Bill), state the full name of the Act or Bill in the subject line, or at least in the first paragraph.

Use formal language.

Cite any facts, articles, evidence to back up your concerns, and if the issue affects you personally.

Offer alternatives or solutions to the issue and ask them to take concrete action.


Take Action:

on petition online and Greenpeace


ECO Member Organisations Voting Process May 2016.

Please find the voting document and background paper at the link provided below:

Voting on Constitutional Changes May 2016.



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