Past ECO Conferences

2015 Christchurch - Dialogues on Fresh Water: navigating impasses and new approaches

2014 Wellington - ‘Achieving Genuine Progress for the Environment’

2013  Kauaeranga Valley - Which Way New Zealand?

2012    Wellington (Citadel and Turnbull House) - Environmental Responsibility – Leadership, Inclusion and Good Governance

2011  Auckland     Resilient Environment: Resilient Communities- Mutual Support for the Future

2010    Christchurch (Living Springs) Environment, Conservation & Economy: Foundations For The Future

2009    Auckland (Waitakere) Greening our way out of the recession.

2008    Wellington      Sustainable New Zealand: Rhetoric or Reality?

2007    Motueka (Riverside)   Community Environmental Action – the future is in our hands      – international Speaker – Alec Marr (Wilderness Society)

2006    Auckland (Kaiaua)      Living Sustainably – Taking Charge of the Future

2005    Wellington      Mountains to the deep sea

2004    Christchurch (Citidal and Living Springs)      Links and Connections

2003    Auckland (Awataha Marae)   Getting Results for the Environment

2002    Wellington (Massey University and Tapu Te Ranga Marae) – Getting There – Policies, Practices and Actions for a better environment – International Speaker – Clive Hamilton – Australia Institute

2001    Whanganui (Quaker Settlement) – Making Waves: Community and the Environment

2000    Nelson, Tahuna Beach – Strategies for Environmental Gains.

1999    Wellington (Tapu te Ranga Marae) – Defending the future – common rights and private wrongs?

1998    Auckland (Waipapa Marae) – Reclaim the future – Community Environmental Action

1997    Christchurch (Citidal and Living Springs) – A broad view of the planet

1996    Wellington/Otaki – Environment and the Election

1995    Auckland (Piha) – Greenwash Be Damned! Organising for a green future

1994    Nelson (Matai) – Environmental Regeneration

1993    Wellington (Karori) – The Environment and the Economy

1992    Hamilton (Waikato Polytechnic) – Greening the Regions

1991    Whanganui (Wanaganui Girls College) -

1990    Christchurch (Old Arts Centre) -

1989    Wellington (Otago Medical School) -

1988    Wellington    

  Paper: Environmental Ethics and the Dominant World view: paper by Peter Horsley

  Address: Tumu te Heuheu: The Importance of ancestral links

  Paper: A Tuwharetoa Perspective on Partnership and Resource Management, by George Asher

            Annual report to 1988 ECO Conference

           RMA principles - background notes prepared by DOC.

1987    Wellington     

      Paper by Roger Blakeley on Integrating environmental and economic policy

      Paper by Robert Mann: Economics and the decline of reason.

     Paper by Keith Thompson: Antarctica ecology conservation and politics.

1986    Wellington     

1985    Owae Marae, Waitara -

1984    Wellington     

            Address by Gerry McSweeney on impact of clearance of land for agriculture

            Address by Guy Salmon on commercial exotic forestry

          Thoughts on fishing by John Henderson

          Papers presented to the conference; compilation

          Economists view on inshore fishing

          Speech on Waikato coal

          1984 Annual Report and 1984 Financial Report, and Minutes of AGM.

1983    Wellington

             Lead up the garden path: lead in petrol in NZ, paper by Janet Holm

             New Zealand's use of leaded petrol, paper by John Horsley.

             Pollution in the Tarawera River, talk by Susan Clayton 

             Address by Prof John Morton

            Threats to our braided rivers, by Ken Hughey

            Lessons to be learnt from the Treaty of Waitangi Tribunal Judgement into Te Atiawa's claim, talk               by Ben Gray.

            Annual Report 1982-1983  AGM minutes 1983

1982    Wellington     

1981    Wellington     

1980    Wellington (Victoria University)       



1977 Paper by Ian Prior on the coordination of environmental conservation organisations

          Paper by Wren Green on the funding of ECO groups