ECO Conference 2016

ECO Conference 2016: "Moving Through the Climate Crisis, and Water Matters - freshwater challenges in New Zealand"

Thanks to the speakers and all those that attended this year's ECO conference.

The programme of the conference can be download here.

More details will be posted on the website include presentations and links to associated material.

Saturday: Discussion of ideas on power, politics and freshwater. 

Speakers included freshwater ecologist Dr. Mike Joy, freshwater campaigner Marnie Prickett and regional experts from around the country.

Sunday: Come and help find a way through the climate crisis.

Key speakers included video presentation by Bill McKibben from and Sean Sweeney from Trade Unions for Energy Democracy.  Other speakers included Jeanette Fitzsimons from Coal Action Network Aotearoa and Sam Huggard from the Council of Trade Unions.

Mike Joy talking to ECO Conference

ECO AGM 2016

Thanks to members who attended the AGM.  Minutes of the AGM will be circulated to all members.



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