ECO AGM 2017

Agenda for ECO AGM 2017 – Version 5

8.30am, Sunday 27th August ,

Memorial Hall - 548 Main Road,

Stoke, Nelson

Member organisation delegate registration, proxies and checking of documents.

  1. Introduction, Welcome and Apologies.

  2. Explanation and confirmation of representation and member group voting rights and documentation.

  3. Review and confirmation of the Agenda.

  4. Review and adoption of the Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

  5. Matters Arising not elsewhere on the Agenda.

  6. Presentation and adoption of the Annual Report for 2016.

  7. Treasurer’s report and presentation of the accounts for 1 January to 31  December 2016.  Presentation of the draft ECO budget for 2017.

  8. Presentation of the Auditor’s report for 2016. 

  9. Appointment of the Honorary Solicitor and of the Auditor

  10. Policy and/or motions for discussion and approval:
    Policy motions in full agenda

  11.  Election of the ECO Executive Committee


  12.   ECO’s  priorities for 2017/18

    Discussion with suggestions from the outgoing Executive Committee and from the floor.

  13. Next ECO AGM and annual conference or other meetings in 2018      (Suggestions for format, venue and theme)

  14. General Business

For full agenda download here.



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