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This is the virtual home of ECO. Since 1972 ECO has been the umbrella group for environment and conservation organisations in New Zealand.

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This website has information about ECO and its 50+ member groups as well as news of the environment and major conservation issues in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Please look around our website to learn more about our work and access resources and links of importance.

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ECO Conference 2016: "Moving Through the Climate Crisis, and Water Matters - freshwater challenges in New Zealand"

Thanks to all the presenters and participants at this year's ECOECO Conference 2016

Conference in Auckland.

Details of the conference and presentations will be placed on the website.

Great to see the discussion on water and climate change over two days.



Further details of the conference can be found on the conference pagehere, including the conference programme and other details.


IUCN World Congress: ECO attendance and votes

Four ECO Executive Members - Cath Wallace, Barry Weeber, Diana Shand and Betsan Martin - attended the World Conservation Congress in Hawaii in early September.  They participated in voting on 85 motions before the Congress on matters related to conservation world-wide.

They did their best, along with the many other delegates present, to achieve the best possible outcome for the global environment.

You can read a detailed account of the outcomes of the World Congress which is held ever four years at this link, and there is a summary of the results of each motion here.  All 85 motions were approved by the Congress, although there was some resistance to some motions, or attempts to water them down which had to be resisted.

Open Government Survey

Thanks to the hundreds of people and groups who responded to the questionnaire.

ECO, through its democracy and transparency working group, launched the survey of NZ people and organisations from the non-government and not-for-profit sector in July. We wanted to find out what people want the government to do as part of its Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan

ECO will be producing a report on the results and posting that when its available.  Thanks also to the volunteers who have been helping with the survey and analysis.

We will be sending a copy of the State Services Commission who is preparing the Government's plan.


Read more about the survey  here

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ECOLink News and Analysis

The latest, and all back copies of ECOLink are online at this link.  If you want to subscribe to get ECOLink regularly become a Friend of ECO.  For informationECO Link June-July 2015 on becoming an ECO Friend.

The October-December 2016 ECOlink is at this link.

Content includes:

Ross Sea Marine Protected Area achieved

Marine Stewardship Council certifying of destructive deep sea fishery

ECO Open Government work

Access to freshwater - Maori interests, and fairness

ECO project on mapping sensitive environments

Forest Stewardship Council national standards and exotic forestry

NZCA consideration of land reclassification

ECO withdrawl from Land and Water Forum

Future of our Fisheries review

IUCN World Congress report-back



The June-July 2016 Issue has details on our 2016 conference and other issues.  See here.


The April-May 2016 Issue
NZ needs to reform fisheries management; Incorporated Societies Act proposed changes; Health and Safety Act chanings in force now; Past ECOLinks, Volunteers & ECO Archives; New Exec Members - is that you?; OECD team reviews NZs environmental performance; Resource Legislation Bill amends Conservation & other Acts; Environmental Protocol to Antarctic Treaty - 25th Anniversary; Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary & Marine Protected Areas; Fonterra Coal-fired boiler a "death star"; Te Kuha, China & the price of coal; Biosecurity needs more priority & funding; Guava moth - another biosecurity mess? New ECO member: Kiwis Against Seabed Mining; Obituary: Remembering Bob Fantl; Obituary Tom Hay - forest campaigner.

The Nov-Dec 2015 IssueECO Link Nov-Dec 2015
Resource Legislation Amendment Bill - submissions; New OPen Cast Coal Mine near Mokau Proposed - submissions; Topics for Environmental Reporting -submissions; Emission Trading System REview - submissions; To Bee or Not to Bee?; COP21 - a pivotal agreement; People's climate marches in NZ; Paris Agreement - a start not an end; Fossil Fuel Subsidies in NZ & Divestment; Antarctic protection remains Stalled but Progress Possible; Wangapeka Track too Precious to Road.

The Sept-Oct 2015 Issue
Fonterra NZ Second biggest coal user; Open Government, participative, Info & Public; ECO Update; Kermadec Success; Auckland SER2015; Fossil Fuel Inudstry and Dairying; Parliamentary Legislation, reports and petitions; TPPA & OIA; Biodiversity Offsets; ECO Conference 2015: Water Quality Failings Risk; ECO AGM & Water Permits; MPI Review of Fisheries Management; Book Offer; Antarctic Marine Protection - will countries block again?; ECO Submission on Permanent Forest Sink Initiative; ECO Submission on NES for Plantation Forestry.

ECO Link May-June 2015The May-June 2015 issue
This issues covers: Climate Consultation - targets for Paris; ECO Conference - Freshwater; ECO Update; Shell BP Todd Maui Wells passed "best by date"; Fracking - the personnel experience; Water and Health concerns of fracking; Environment Minister's budget allocation - trimmed; Environmental Reporting Bill; Puriri Dieback spreading; What's on your plate, pet or things you use? Roundup; Antarctic Environmental Research; RMA changes still brewing; In the hills - NZ Indigenous Conifers; New Polar Code rules will not protect Antarctic waters; Antarctic Matters.

The Feb-March 2015 issue
This issue covers: Auckland Kauri tree threat product of changes to the RMA; EPA turns down Chatham Rosk Phosphate; Karangahake Mine Update; Antarctic toothfish pirate fishing - countries are closing in; Agreement on jack mackerel and IUU vessels; Climate Change Special: Long way for NZ to catch up on climate protection; Climate negotiations - from Lima to Paris - what's NZ hiding? New Zealand, the farce follower; Jobs After Coal - A just transition for NZ Communities; EEZ Maui Gas Bill; Impactsof oil and gas in Taranaki; Setting NZ's Post-2020 GHG Reduction Target(s).

Other ECOLink issues can be downloaded here


ECO Working Groups

For more details see here.

See the Coastal and Catchment working group paper on the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010. The complete analysis may be downloaded here. (380KB).

ECO has released a report on the Environmental Effects of Plantation Forestry which is a case study in the Ngunguru Catchment in Northland.  More details can  be found here.


ECOs Digital Tools to Manage Environmental Projects

ECO project on Tools for gathering environmental information and monitoringThe project aims to provide easy access to digital tools to help community groups with conservation and environmental projects.

ECO’s Digital Tools to Manage Environmental Projects have been developed to assist community and environmental groups in their projects to monitor and manage information.  Digital tools can be used in a wide range of circumstances, examples include monitoring bird numbers after pest control, monitoring resource management decisions, compare mining applications with protected areas and biodiversity in the area.  This includes demonstrations of the use of Geographic Information System tools available to empower groups to make use of data gathered during environmental projects.

It is designed as an online learning environment to guide and assist participants.  The first module is “Methods to collect and manage data” and the second, “Mapping and analysis tools”.

ECO would like to know what tools you already use, and which may be useful to you. Please visit the “Moodle” for further information.