Fundraising Officer

About ECO: 

ECO is a network of fifty-plus large and small environmental organisations based all around New Zealand, as well as several hundred individual Friends. The core of ECO’s work is promoting and strengthening community environmental action, and working collaboratively towards better government policies and management decisions. ECO also works on global issues such as climate change, Antarctica, and oceans. 

The Environment and Conservation Organisations (ECO), has called out the fishing oligarchs’ stifling in New Zealand of moves for marine protected areas, ecosystem-based management, the precautionary approach, the norms of environmental and resource management and the exclusion of the public from decision making. ECO has called out the lack of ecosystem-based management, the losses of marine biodiversity, the fishing industry-inspired fake protected areas, the depletion of fish and ecosystems, the harms from destructive fishing methods and more. Fishing rules, research, and institutions have evolved with little public attention but much fishing industry pressure. ECO has worked hard since the 1980s to make visible and counter these problems and to propose solutions.

ECO is now looking for a Fundraising officer to join our executive team. We’re looking for someone with previous fundraising experience and sound knowledge of the application process of grants and sponsorships. The Fundraising Officer will work closely with the Treasurer of ECO to understand the financial needs and commitments of upcoming events and projects.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Treasurer

  • Determine what purpose the funds are being raised for.
  • Develop a fundraising plan.
  • Identify potential sources of funds e.g. sponsorship, grants etc.
  • Write the grant application or sponsorship proposal.
  • Ensure the acquired funds are being used for the designated purpose.
  • Maintain relationships with donors, grant agencies and sponsors.
  • Submit regular reports to the club/group committee.
  • Generate quarterly reports of funding and sponsorship work. 

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • Can communicate effectively.
  • Is well organised.
  • Has a high level of attention to detail.
  • Some experience in sponsorships and fundraising

Time Commitment Required

The estimated time commitment required as the Fundraising Officer is 10hours/month