ECO is now 50 years old, a vital and mutually committed, and supportive network of organisations that works together to share information, empower each other, support others, and tackle the pressures and environmental, conservation crises.  We work to change the system drivers and problematic structures and attitudes that promote or perpetuate losses of biodiversity, overuse and harvest, pollution, and other environmental harms and injustices.

ECO almost entirely runs on volunteer work and we are asking all supporters and member groups to help to bolster ECO’s effort and to support our sustainability.

As this year we reach our 50 years of dedicated efforts, we've updated our website to make it more user-friendly and effective.  

To mark this milestone, we are fundraising to reach a goal of at least $10k. This amount will go towards the running of the organisation and continuing to support the work we are already undertaking. We will greatly appreciate your support, however big or small.

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