Reviews of Party Positions

Review of Party Policies

A number of comparisons of party policies and responses from parties to questions on environmental issues are available.

Reviews of Party Commitments on Climate Change, Transport and Energy

Elect Who? is a collaboration between Generation Zero and the New Zealand Youth Delegation to the international climate negotiations, two youth-run organisations that are advocating for young New Zealanders on issues of intergenerational equity.

The review looks at party positions on greenhouse gas reduction targets, emission trading and other carbon pricing, fossil fuel extra, transport, energy efficiency and renewable energy, research and development for low carbon technology.

The site also includes responses from individual candidates.

Transport Policy Review

Smart Transport is an advocate for smart, modern solutions and development that make more efficient use of transport spending and encourage infra structural priorities that will serve the community now and into the future.

The Smart Transport ratings have been applied  based on based on their smart transport criteria which includes supporting good public health, particularly in terms of obesity and air pollution, and is environmentally sustainable, reducing our carbon footprint.  The review includes modes of transport, particular roading projects, and Resource Management Act and roading and public transport.

Forest and Bird’s Vote for Nature Responses

Forest and Bird have questioned political parties on their Commitment to Nature.  They include mining, water, biodiversity protection and Department of Conservation issues.

They have had responses from Labour, Greens, Mana and United Future.

Fisheries and Hector's/Maui Dolphins Questionnaire

A questionnaire on fisheries and protection on Hector's and Maui dolphin with responses from Maori, Greens and Labour Party.  No responses from National or ACT.


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