15, Nov, 2007

The Whangamata Marina - “Call it in Minister”

Category: Surfbreak Protection Society

The Surfbreak Protection Society is calling for the Minister of Conservation to call in the consents for the Whangamata Marina.

Surfbreak Protection Society president Paul Shanks says: “In light of recent comments from Whangamata Marina Society saying they were "a bit naive to expect to keep to the finished plan”(13 November 2007), it has become obvious that to enact their speculation they cannot stick to the Plans as stamped by the Environment Court.”

Mr Shanks further says that “the Thames Coromandel District Council, Environment Waikato and Hauraki DOC are also prepared to go out side of the Court stamped Plans to justify the time and millions of dollars of ratepayers and taxpayers money they have lavished on behalf of the speculators”

Therefore Surfbreak Protection Society asks the Minister of Conservation to call in these coastal consents.

The Society wants to know why Whangamata Marina Society cannot work within consents granted and believes an examination of demarcation between marina investors and the three public authorities is required.

Mr Shanks says “Most importantly for our Society, the Whangamata Bar monitoring Plan, which is a consent requirement, needs refinement so that the qualities that create this international surfbreak are understood by all parties and can be monitored accordingly.”

“If members of the New Zealand Parliament want to proclaim they are kaitiaki of our surfbreaks they must act to protect them” says Mr Shanks.