07, Dec, 2010

ECO Annual Appeal

Category: ECO Inc

What a great turnaround on the mining issue, thanks to our combined efforts. Right now we can celebrate initial success on that issue but we are asking for your help to achieve more.

Our very successful annual conference, which we are able to hold thanks to support and subscriptions from Members and Friends of ECO, had a focus on land and water management, and biodiversity. We have more work to do on these issues and:

• protection of the conservation estate from mining, a Minerals Bill is expected in December
• helping New Zealand to embark on our new, decarbonised future,
• protecting biodiversity,
• improving fisheries, coastal and oceans management, and;
• defending community voice and democratic rights in public decision making

The hard-working Executive needs your help with all this. We ask you to donate if you can. You may wish to devote part of your tax cuts, if you have these, to support ECO’s work.

ECO is working with our international colleagues to build the case for a large marine reserve in the Ross Sea (the Last Ocean concept) and to contain climate change. We are working with the forestry industry to keep products of illegally logged forests out of New Zealand, to develop new plantation standards, to improve land use, and to limit the ravages to the RMA.

The success of the campaign to protect Schedule 4 areas from mining shows what can be done, but many areas remain at risk.

Your donation will help us to promote:

• vision, policy and practice that focuses on environmental sustainability, social justice and rethinking true prosperity
• better fisheries and oceans management,
• containment of the growth at all costs agenda,
• public rights in policy,
• controls on any oil and gas activity at sea, and;
• integrated ecosystem based management.

Your support is enormously important to our effectiveness. We thank you once again and ask that you please give generously.