04, Jul, 2011

Flora and Fauna Wai 262 Report Welcomed

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The Waitangi Tribunal Flora and Fauna Wai 262 report[1] is thoughtful, constructive and deserving of careful consideration, says the Environment and Conservation Organisations of NZ Inc, ECO

ECO is likely to find some of the recommendations in the Wai262 Report challenging, and some may ultimately be discarded,” says co-chair Cath Wallace, “but the Report is lucid, constructive and is likely to challenge all of us.  It deserves close reading and public debate.”

“Many of the recommendations are for new ways of making decisions and policy, for enhanced participation in public life for Maori.  Some of these could and should apply to all New Zealanders, such as greater consultation on matters of international agreements, but they are especially relevant when sensitive matters are at stake for Maori.

“The reports are long – 1000 pages – but they are well written and accessible.  They canvass arguments, options and give reasons -  so even if ultimately you don’t agree with the proposals, you can see why they make them.

“Most New Zealanders will gain from reading these reports – and ECO looks forward to digesting the arguments, the history presented, the proposals and to forming our views on what should happen and debating these with others.

“The government is right to say it needs some time to take in these proposals.  Don Brash’s suggestion that the proposals be rejected out of hand does a disservice to the public, to Maori, to the Tribunal and to New Zealand.

“ECO pays tribute to all those who engaged in the Tribunal process, including the original claimants and those who picked up the work subsequently.  It has been almost a generation in the making, said Cath Wallace.

ECO wound up its 3 day annual conference in Henderson today, charting directions for the future and developing policies for resilience of both the environment and the community.

For further information, contact Cath Wallace 021-891-994 or 04-970-8696

1.     See links at

2.    ECO – the Environment and Conservation Organisations was established in 1972 and represents 55 groups with a concern for the environment.

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