27, Jun, 2011

Environment - Community Resilience - Conference - Auckland 1-3 July 2011

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Environment - Community Resilience – Conference -  Auckland  1-3 July 2011

How do a strong and resilient environment and resilient community provide mutual support? That’s the question at the heart of the ECO conference Friday – Sunday 1-3 July where experts and the community will engage with the challenges ahead.

The programme covers current directions in protecting the things that New Zealanders value and prosper from.  “We treasure our environment with its clean water, healthy soils, our native flora and fauna and special landscapes” says co Chair Cath Wallace.  We treasure our participative democracy and open government.  These things underpin a sustainable and equitable economy, and we don’t want to lose them.”

Speakers include Auckland Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, Professor Martin Manning who explores risk and resilience relating to the climate, Dr Simon Thrush on resilient ecosystems and Dr Bronwyn Hayward for whom  the study of social and personal resilience is both professional and personal, for she comes from Christchurch.

Urban resilience, governance for resilience, political party positions to promote resilience are in focus.  The conference will hear the stories and insights from community efforts to protect the environment and how these build social resilience from groups from around New Zealand, including the Kaipara, Te Whanau a Apanui on the East Coast, the Hokianga Accord amongst fishers and the local community an environmental groups and much more.

Environmental, economic and conservation policies will be debated.  Jeanette Fitzsimons will explore energy policy, the climate and Solid Energy’s lignite plans.

Representatives of the main political parties will be put “on the Green Spot” in the Parnell Community Centre on Friday, and there is plenty of time throughout the weekend to discuss how the communities can build strength together.

On Saturday afternoon at Carey Park Camp, part of the conference is given over to Expo for local community conservation and environment groups to share their experience and promote the work they are doing. Finding ways to support each other in each others’ work is an objective of the ECO Conference.

The conference is organized by the Environment and Conservation Organisations of NZ (ECO) and begins at Jubilee Hall in Parnell on Friday 1 July but then moves to Carey Park in Henderson Valley Road for the weekend 2-3 July.

The media are welcome to attend but are asked to make themselves known to organizers.

ECO is an coalition of 60 organisations with a concern for the environment and conservation and includes many local groups plus large national groups such as Greenpeace and the National Council of Women.