02, Jul, 2004

ECO launches RMAlink website project.

Category: ECO Inc

The launch of ECO’s RMAlink website is on Thursday 5th August 2004 in the Reception Room, Turnbull House, Bowen Street, Wellington, from 11am till noon.

Guest speakers will be the Hon. David Benson-Pope, Minister for the RMA, Beryl Anderson from National Council of Women and Cath Wallace of ECO. Jan Simmons, RMA Project Coordinator, will walk you through the website.

RMAlink is a resource for individuals and citizen groups with a concern for conservation and the environment.

RMAlink can help you: ▀ Network with other groups ▀ Share skills and experience ▀ Save time ▀ Reduce costs ▀ Be more effective ▀ Improve the quality of your submissions ▀ Act jointly with other groups who have similar objectives ▀ Find current information - references and reports ▀ Find useful websites ▀ Find case law related to your issue of interest ▀ Find out what is accepted ‘best practice’ ▀ Find out which government / local government agency is responsible for what ▀

The website has been developed with the assistance of the RMA Education and Advisory Fund administered by the Ministry for the Environment.