17, Aug, 2005

Conservationist Kevin Smith dies

Category: ECO Inc

ECO is extremely sorry to hear of our environment colleague Kevin Smith's death. He was a redoubtable, tenacious and well informed conservationist who has done a huge amount for New Zealand.

We have always appreciated his knowledge of the places, science and issues and his determination to see New Zealand protected from alien species, from logging and from all kinds of assaults.

Kevin got results by determination, close and detailed research. His often dour exterior was leavened by a dry sense of humour and his unwavering commitment to New Zealand and its environment.

Not an internationalist, Kevin commitment was to New Zealand's environment. He has also understood the affected rural communities. He grew up in the King Country where his dad ran a saw mill cutting up the trees Kevin was to spend so much time protecting.

Kevin was happiest in the country, in the bush. He had organised a new life in the King Country, back with his roots, with the purchase of a house and land, was determined to do more there.

ECO's thoughts are with Tania and Kevin's children, with Barbara and the rest of his family. We, the conservation and environmental movement mourn his passage and celebrate his achievements.